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Registrar Netcetera Added

  • posted 2016-11-26

TLD pricing and features for Netcetera have been added.

Registrars 1&1, Espace 2001 Removed, and Some New Features

  • posted 2016-10-23

Both 1&1 and Espace 2001 have been removed as they have stopped publishing their prices in a transparent manner.

Also, "sticky headers" have been added to all tables on the site, as well as a search filter on the TLD detail pages and Registrars page.

Registrar Minds + Machines Removed

  • posted 2016-06-22

Minds + Machines has been removed as they have apparently been acquired by Uniregistry.

Registrars Epik and Added

  • posted 2016-06-06

TLD pricing and features for Epik and have been added.

Cheapest Pricing History added

  • posted 2016-04-01

As of today, every TLD detail page containing registrar pricing data will now also display a "Cheapest Price History" chart. These charts document the history of best registrar pricing for domain registration, renewals, and transfers since March 29th, 2016.

cheapest registrar price history chart

The charts will probably be somewhat boring for now since the historical pricing data set is still very small, but will become more interesting over time as registrars change their pricing.

Also, this data is made directly available to TLD List Professional subscribers in the Full TLD data download. Documentation for the cheapest price history data is located here.

Registrar Ratings and Reviews Now Available

  • posted 2016-03-22

I'm pleased to announce that you can now leave reviews for the 45 registrars featured on TLD List. Simply find your registrar on the Registrars page and click the stars icons. You'll be presented with a review form allowing you to rate your registrar, leave comments, and upload screenshots.

Additionally, you can submit a Bitcoin address to be displayed with your review. This enables other visitors who found your review helpful to send you Bitcoin tips.

Overall registrar ratings are calculated using a weighted average of each review's "star" rating. And user reviews themselves can receive upvotes and downvotes from other visitors, and are scored and sorted as "most-helpful-first" using the Wilson score confidence interval.

review screenshot

Registrar AmenWorld Added

  • posted 2016-02-22

TLD pricing and features for AmenWorld has been added.

Registrars Crazy Domains Added

  • posted 2016-02-12

TLD pricing and features for CrazyDomains has been added.

Registrars OnlyDomains and Dotology Added

  • posted 2016-02-10

TLD pricing and features for OnlyDomains and Dotology have been added.

Registrars Netim and Regtons Added

  • posted 2016-02-09

TLD pricing and features for Netim and Regtons have been added.

Registrars Directnic and Added

  • posted 2016-02-08

TLD pricing and features for Directnic and have been added.

Registrars Dreamhost and Web4Africa Added

  • posted 2016-02-07

TLD pricing and features for DreamHost and Web4Africa have been added.

Registrars EuroDNS and Espace 2001 added

  • posted 2016-02-06

TLD pricing and features for EuroDNS and Espace 2001 have been added.

Registrar Minds + Machines Added

  • posted 2015-12-21

TLD pricing and features for Minds + Machines have been added.

Registrar Amazon Route 53 Added

  • posted 2015-12-13

TLD pricing and features for Amazon Route 53 have been added.

Full Data Sets Now Available For Download

  • posted 2015-12-11

I'm pleased to announce that full TLD List data sets are now available for download. The data includes all registrar pricing, features, and TLD details.

Access to the data is provided as a monthly subscription with no restrictive licensing. That means you can reuse, republish, and even resell the data you download. There are two subscription plans available: the Starter plan, which gives access to the live data on the main list only, and the Professional plan, which gives access to all live data on the site.

For a limited time only, I'm offering a 21 day free trial for both subscription plans that can be cancelled at anytime. To sign up, visit the download page and select the plan that best fits your needs.

WHOIS Privacy Pricing Added

  • posted 2015-11-12

WHOIS Privacy pricing for every TLD is now updated every 6 hours along with the registration, renewal, and transfer pricing. The WHOIS Privacy prices can be viewed on each TLD's detail page in the registrar pricing table.

Additionally, there's a new WHOIS Privacy column on the main list. A checkmark is displayed for every TLD that supports a WHOIS Privacy service from at least one registrar.

As always, if you find any inaccuracies, please contact me using the Contact link at the bottom of the site.

Registrar Porkbun Added

  • posted 2015-08-05

TLD pricing and features for Porkbun have been added.

Registrar Domainmonster Added

  • posted 2015-05-07

TLD pricing and features for Domainmonster have been added.

Registrar Added

  • posted 2015-05-01

TLD pricing and features for have been added.

Registrar AlpNames Added

  • posted 2015-04-29

Just a quick update that TLD pricing and features for AlpNames have been added.

TLD List Translated for 11 Languages

  • posted 2015-04-25

I'm excited to announce that TLD List has been translated into a variety of languages, including Español (Spanish), Deutsch (German), Русский (Russian), and 日本語(Japanese), among others. The link list of available languages is located at the bottom of every page of this website. Clicking those links will lead you to the translated version of that particular page.

These translated versions of TLD List are served on separate subdomains based on the their ISO language code (i.e. for Spanish, for Russian, etc).

Please note that this "News" page will remain mostly untranslated for the time being.

If you're a multilingual English speaker and discover any translation errors or inaccuracies, please let me know using the "Contact" link at the bottom of this page.

Responsive Design Added Just In Time for Mobilegeddon

  • posted 2015-04-20

TLD List recently underwent a UI redesign to make the website more mobile friendly. This was partly due to the news that Google will be giving an SEO boost to mobile friendly sites starting tomorrow (thus punishing websites that aren't mobile friendly, a.k.a Mobilegeddon).

Websites that display large tables of data, like TLD List, can be a challenge to make mobile friendly. With smaller sized devices, you're far more limited as to how much info you can cram into the viewport. There are generally 3 approaches to deailing with this:

  1. Invert table rows in to grouped "cards" in a vertical display.
  2. Show more table columns for large devices, and hide less important columns for smaller devices.
  3. Horizontally scroll large tables whose width exceeds the device's viewport.

Option #1 was a no-go because it kills the ability to easily scan, compare and contrast column data. You don't want to have to scroll up and down, back and forth, etc., just to compare prices between 2 different TLDs or registrars. Visually comparing this data should be as effortless as possible for your fingers and eyeballs.

So I opted for a combination of options #2 and #3. On the TLD detail pages, you can horizontally scroll to view all columns of the Registrar table. On the main list of TLDs, the filters and less important columns are hidden for smaller sized devices. Filters can be displayed by tapping a button. And any hidden column data can still be viewed by going to the TLD's detail page.

Additionally, comments can now be made at the bottom of every TLD's detail page.

I hope the new design is more usable for both mobile and desktop users. As always, use the contact link in the site's footer to pass me any feedback, bugs, or suggestions.

Registrar 1&1 added

  • posted 2015-02-24

Pricing and features for 1&1 have been added to TLD List.

This was not a hastily made decision as TLD List only features registrars that transparently publish their prices.

While 1&1 does publish all of their prices, some prices are not easy to find, and restrictions can apply. For instance, their main price list advertises some very cheap registration prices for .com, .net, and other popular TLDs. What you may not notice is the tiny asterisk next to those prices, or the tiny print at the bottom of the page linking to "full promotional offer details". After clicking through a couple of pages, you'll finally arrive at the "Special Offers" page for the current month, which spells out that renewals for these cheap domains are much higher, and purchasing a domain at the reduced pricing is limited to 1 or so per customer.

Well. To help make this information more clear, TLD List of course displays the renewal prices on the TLD's detail page and "Best 3 Year Value" based on their overall pricing. And now, the site will also highlight prices that are subject to limits in red text on the main list. You can hover over the price to see the registrar's purchase limits:

Limit per customer on main list

Limitations are also displayed on the TLD's detail page per registrar:

Limit per customer on detail page

I hope that helps. One of TLD List's primary goals is to make domain pricing crystal clear. But don't let this completely discount 1&1, as they offer some pretty good deals and free features. But personally, I'd prefer if their pricing was presented in a more straightforward manner.

Value Score Added for All Registrars' Top-Level Domains

  • posted 2015-02-18

We all know that price shouldn't be the sole determining factor when comparing and deciding on a purchase. Some prices may be lower, but the included features might be lacking. Conversely, some prices may be higher, but more extras come with it. So, by that logic, the most important measurement is really value: essentially, how much you get for the price you pay.

So I'm happy to announce that TLD List now features a Value Score for every registrar's offered top-level domains. Value Score is ratio of how much you get in free features versus how much you pay a registrar when you own a domain. It's calculated automatically, and is based on the free features and overall registration/renewal/transfer pricing that every registrar offers. For more details on the formula used to determine this value, see the FAQ.

On the TLD detail pages, the Value Score is displayed in the table column furthest to the right. The bigger the Value Score, the better the deal. To the left of the Value Score number is a color bar representation for easier visual comparison.

The best value purchase for a TLD is also displayed on the main list under the "Best Value" column.

Hopefully this new addition to TLD List helps buyers make more informed decisions when purchasing a domain. Please use the contact link at the bottom of the page for any comments, feedback, or suggestions.

Example Value Scores for the .com TLD

screenshot of Value Scores

3 More Registrars Added and "Multiple Cheapest Registrars" Bug Fixed

  • posted 2015-02-10

Pricing for Hexonet, Dyn, and HostGator have been added.

Additionally, a major bug was discovered: when two or more registrars had the same cheapest price, only one registrar would be displayed on the main list as having the cheapest price. This also made the cheapest counts on the registrars page inaccurate, and the registrar table cells on the TLD detail pages were not correctly highlighted.

This issue has been fixed, and now registrars with equivalent cheapest prices are fully displayed throughout the site.

3 More Registrars Added

  • posted 2015-02-07

Pricing for BigRock, Network Solutions, and have been added.

.世界 is the most expensive top-level domain ever at $336,000

  • posted 2015-02-04

That's right! You can now register your very own .世界 domain from 101domain for the low, low, price of a third of a million dollars. Simplified Chinese for "world", your modestly priced 世界 domain will astound your friends and neighbors!

In other news, I've added pricing for the registrar Marcaria and integrated registrar promo codes. There's currently only a handful of active promo codes for Namecheap, NameSilo, and If you know of any more, please let me know.

GoDaddy Added and Some Improvements

  • posted 2015-01-31

Domain pricing for the registrar GoDaddy has been added. Also, renewal/transfer/restore pricing has been added for Namecheap.

Searching has also been improved: TLDs will be returned in search results that match synonyms of the search term.

Additionally, the cheapest registration/renewal/transfer/restore prices are now highlighted in green on every TLD detail page. Here's an example screenshot for the .com top-level domain:

Added Registrars Instra, NearlyFreeSpeech.NET, and Dot.AL

  • posted 2015-01-26

Pricing for Instra, NearlyFreeSpeech.NET, and Dot.AL have been added.

Also, table columns on the registrars page and TLD detail pages are now sortable.

Improved TLD Restrictions Accuracy

  • posted 2015-01-24

Listed TLDs with the "No Restrictions" checkmark indicates that the TLD has no rules as to who can register the TLD, or how the registered domain must be used. These rules apply mostly to regional and governmental TLDs.

This information was previously not accurate for many TLDs, but has now been dramatically improved.

Restriction details can be viewed by either hovering the icons in the "No Restrictions" column, or at the bottom of each TLDs detail page.

If you happen to notice any restrictions inaccuracies, or any other general information accuracies, please get in touch with me using the contact link at the bottom of the site.

Additionally, the registrar Dynadot has been added.

Registrars Dotster and Netfirms Added

  • posted 2015-01-23

Dotster and Netfirms registration/renewal prices have been added.

Also, it's come to my attention that many of the listed ccTLDs are mislabeled as having "No Restrictions". I will focus on making this information more accurate this weekend, after a few more registrars have been added.

3 Registrars Added

  • posted 2015-01-22

Pricing for NameSilo, Uniregistry, and 101domain have been added.

Site Launched

  • posted 2015-01-22

Yesterday marked the initial launch of TLD List. I announced the site on Ycombinator's Hacker News, not expecting much of a response. Surprisingly, it rose to #6 and remained on the front page for most of the day. This resulted in a decent amount of traffic yesterday: ~5400 unique visitors averaging 6.38 page views per visit.

Overall, feedback has been positive, but one thing is clear: people want more pricing from more registrars, and improved methods of filtering, sorting, and manipulating the displayed data.

Since then, I've added a "results per page" option and TLD/pricing column sorting to main table. Next priority is adding a wider variety of registrars and their pricing to the data set.

On the right column of this page is the TLD List's devlog, a TODO list of features and updates for the site in no particular order. Tasks that have been finished are marked like this.

If you're interested in seeing a certain feature implemented before others, or adding a feature request, contact me using the Contact link at the bottom of the page.